The Ag Inputs B2B Marketplace in Argentina and Brazil.


Xperiment invested in Agrired because the company recognized the potential of their unique B2B marketplace for ag inputs in Latin America. Gabriel and Nicolas, Agrired’s founders, have a deep understanding of the agribusiness industry and have developed a platform that addresses the inefficiencies and lack of transparency in the traditional offline sales strategies. Agrired’s digital platform allows for more efficient and cost-effective trading of strategic products such as fertilizers, seeds and crop protection inputs, creating a transparent and innovative market for ag retailers, cooperatives, and input manufacturers. Tapping on a 50 Billion a year input’s Market just in Latam, Xperiment’s investment will help Agrired to consolidate their position in Argentina, expand and grow their operations in Brazil and strengthen the product and team for continued growth and success.


CEO & Co-Founder – Gabriel Vidal.

CFO & Co-Founder – Nicolas Peire.

About them

Gabriel and Nicolas know a thing or two about buying and selling Aginputs. Both have a history in trading and developed unique skills that applied to Agrired’s creation. Agrired is a business to business marketplace for AgInputs with a trading-like interface. It helps Agretailers find the best price, deal with supply and access more product selection. For AGInput providers offer a digital solution to better sell their products and operate in a transparent market.

The Inside Story

Agrired began as an idea between two friends, Gabriel Vidal and Nicolas Peire, who had a wealth of experience in the agriculture industry, specifically in trading and selling ag inputs. They noticed the inefficiencies and lack of transparency in the traditional B2B sales process for ag inputs and saw the potential for a digital marketplace to revolutionize the industry.

With the goal to create an online B2B ag-inputs marketplace that connect buyers and sellers in a more efficient way. They began to develop the platform, creating a user-friendly interface that mimicked the experience of trading and provided transparency in pricing and product availability. However, creating a new concept in a traditionally offline industry proved to be difficult. Xperiment saw the potential of Agrired’s platform.

With Xperiment’s support, they were able to raise more than 1.5MM in funding, mainly to consolidate their position in Argentina and to expand and grow their operations in Brazil. With the funding secured, the Agrired team, led by Gabriel and Nicolas, went to work building their platform and quickly gained traction. Their platform has now closed over 4,000 transactions, supporting payments and logistics, and has on-boarded over 1400+ companies, becoming one of the top AgTech companies in Latin America.

They have also been able to expand to Brazil with a new branch, AgriAcordo, and have seen their revenues grow by 20%. For Gabriel and Nicolas, the most rewarding aspect of Agrired is being able to make a positive impact on the industry by improving efficiency and transparency in the B2B ag inputs market, ultimately helping farmers and agribusinesses succeed.