A purpose built team

Xperiment is young, but we have been around for a while.
With a history of +25 year history of founding, funding, scaling and exiting world-class agri-food and tech companies in tough market conditions, this multidisciplinary team brings together deep natural resources, finance, M&A, technology, software & company-building experience in Latam and globally.

Juan Cabrera

General Partner

Ex-founder bringing +25 years of expertise in building best-in-class tech startups and a driving commitment to leadership.

Juan Pablo Trujillo

General Partner

One of the leading pioneers of PE investments in tech and natural resources in LatAm, with a history of funding, scaling and exiting world-class companies.

Mario Troncoso

Operating Partner

The operations and human resources specialist, with +20 years of experience as an Operations Maganer.


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