A purpose built team

Xperiment is young, but we have been around for a while.
With a history of +25 year history of founding, funding, scaling and exiting world-class agri-food and tech companies in tough market conditions, this multidisciplinary team brings together deep natural resources, finance, M&A, technology, software & company-building experience in Latam and globally.

Juan Cabrera

General Partner

Ex-founder bringing +25 years of expertise in building best-in-class tech startups and a driving commitment to leadership.

Juan Pablo Trujillo

General Partner

One of the leading pioneers of PE investments in tech and natural resources in LatAm, with a history of funding, scaling and exiting world-class companies.

Mario Troncoso

Operating Partner

The operations and human resources specialist, with +20 years of experience as an Operations Maganer.

Luis Figueroa

Investing Partner

After working closely with more than 70 startups with the digitization process of companies in the agribusiness sector, he became an active partner of Xperiment.


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