Bekeu provides digital solutions immersed in B2B dynamics.


Xperiment Ventures invested in Bekeu because they recognized the potential of the company’s B2B marketplace solution to revolutionize the corporate procurement process. The current process is often costly and complex, but Bekeu’s platform streamlines and simplifies the purchase-sale management, reducing time and costs for businesses. By connecting companies to hundreds of suppliers instantly, Bekeu is helping businesses move towards digital transformation in the Latam B2B non-strategic purchase market, which is worth $700 billion. Additionally, the startup’s focus on the Argentina’s Energy sector, aligns with Xperiment’s interest in nature-based industries and supply chains in emerging markets like Latin America. With a proven MVP concept and results with a world-class company, Bekeu was an attractive investment opportunity for Xperiment Ventures.


CEO & Founder – Ignacio Peña.

About them

With Bekeu streamline and simplify your purchase-sale management, reducing time and costs, we help you achieve it. Connect to hundreds of companies instantly and move towards digital transformation.

The Inside Story

The inside story of Bekeu begins with its founder, Ignacio Peña, who identified a problem in the corporate procurement process – it was costly, time-consuming, and complex. Ignacio saw an opportunity to streamline and simplify the process using digital solutions, and thus, Bekeu was born.

Bekeu is a B2B marketplace that connects companies with hundreds of suppliers instantly, reducing costs and decreasing cycle times. By using Bekeu, companies can easily compare prices, shipping times, and reviews among different suppliers, leading to natural price competition and increased efficiency.

Xperiment Ventures, along with Vista Ventures and Pampa Energy Ventures, saw the potential in Bekeu’s solution and did a pre-seed funding round to support the startup’s growth. The market for Bekeu’s solution is significant, with Latam B2B non-strategic purchases worth $700 billion and a TAM of $69 billion in Argentina’s petrochemical and energy sector.

The Bekeu team, led by Ignacio and his experienced management team, has a digital innovation mindset and is dedicated to providing full process support, multiple features not included in existing B2B alternatives and a proven MVP concept with results from a world-class company. With the support of its investors, Bekeu is well-positioned to disrupt the corporate procurement market and drive digital transformation in the industry.