Internet of Fields Company (IOF Co.) is an Argentine agricultural company, belonging to a group of companies linked to Agro and Technology that joined together creating a new business unit in the potential AGtech sector.


Xperiment Ventures was the first check for the company and saw potential in IOF’s innovative solutions in IoT for agriculture and its partnerships with key players in the ecosystem. Its focus on creating a new market in the economy of assets in the field and the connectivity that brings his technology unlocks a massive value for the sector.


CEO & Founder – Delfin Uranga.

About them

IOF Co, a strategic partner of the agricultural producer, develops technologically sustainable and innovative solutions in IoT (Internet of Things) to make your life easier and increase your profits. Based on its experience in agriculture, the implementation of specially designed high technology and its capacity for innovation, IOF Co. came to lead the IoT (Internet of Things) market for Agro, together with its technological partners INTA, ARSAT , Cisco and AWS in partnership with LoRa.

The Inside Story

The story of Identity of Fields Co. began in the Argentine agricultural sector, where the founders noticed a gap in the market for innovative and sustainable technological solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. They saw an opportunity to improve the lives of agricultural producers and increase their profits through the implementation of IoT technology.

With their extensive experience in agriculture and a passion for technology, the founders brought together a group of companies in the Agricultural and Technology sectors to form IOF. They set out to lead the IoT market for Agro, with the help of their technological partners INTA, ARSAT, Helium, and AWS, and by leveraging the connectivity capabilities of LoRa.

The company’s focus is on creating connectivity, visibility, and availability for food and agricultural assets in the field. By combining IoT, satellite technology, and blockchain, IOF has developed a digital bridge that enables a new market in an economy worth millions of tons and billions of dollars. This digital bridge connects an ecosystem of insurers, financial institutions, security companies, and more with assets in the fields.

IOF quickly caught the attention of investors, who saw the potential of the company’s innovative solutions. In a recent seed round, IOF have raised 1.5 million USD, led by Draper Signus and including investments from Xperiment, RUS, and Inventure.

IOF has made significant strides in its mission to bring transparency and traceability to the agricultural sector. They have connected over 1.2 million hectares with LoRaWAN and have deployed over 3,000 silobag sensors and weather sensors. They have also formed partnerships with key players in the ecosystem to create value for silobag and have various silobag installations with top mega-farmers in Brazil.