O maior ecossistema de soluções digitais para pecuária no Brasil.


Xperiment Ventures invested in Rumina because the company is leading the digitalization of the cattle industry in Brazil, which is a large and important market in the global cattle industry. Rumina is developing a one-stop-shop solution for farmers that includes a complete management system, animal nutrition, financial solutions, health and medication, livestock monitoring, and milk monitoring and quality. The company has strong traction with over 1.3 million dairy cows monitored and a 52% client base growth year over year. Additionally, Rumina’s solution addresses a significant problem in the industry, which is the inefficiency and low productivity of the Brazilian cattle industry, which also contributes to environmental pollution. Xperiment’s expertise in nature-based and software sectors, and their experience in the Agri-food industry in the region, makes them well-suited to support Rumina to scale and unlock its value.


CTO & Founder – Lúcio Santana.

About them

Rúmina is formed by the union of companies passionate about livestock: OnFarm, Ideagri, Bovitech, Rúmicash and Volutech. We are the largest ecosystem of digital solutions for dairy and beef farmers in Brazil and we have a single purpose: to make livestock more productive, profitable, and sustainable.

At Rúmina, the farmer always comes first. Determined to make a difference, we want to democratize and simplify the adoption of technologies by farmers – whether biotechnology, sensors, software, financial solutions, and artificial intelligence – offering the best experience for producers and empowering veterinary technicians, consultants, and the entire value chain of livestock.

Our main pillars are our team, our customers, and our partners. There are already more than 6,000 farms relying on our solutions and more than 120 employees building our dream.

The Inside Story

Rumina was founded in 2016 by Laerte Cassoli and Marcelo Ferreira, two Brazilian entrepreneurs with a passion for agriculture and a desire to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the country’s cattle industry. Recognizing the potential of emerging technologies such as biotechnology, sensors, software, financial solutions, and artificial intelligence to transform the industry, they set out to create a one-stop-shop solution for farmers that would simplify the adoption of these technologies and empower veterinarians, consultants, and other industry stakeholders.

The company began by developing a complete management system for dairy farms, which included features such as animal nutrition, financial solutions, health and medication, livestock monitoring, and milk quality monitoring. This system quickly gained traction among farmers, and by 2018, Rumina had become one of the leading players in the Brazilian cattle industry, with more than 7,500 farms using its solution and accounting for 10% of the country’s milk production.

In 2019, Rumina raised a 2.5 million dollar series A round led by Barn, Tarpon Capital, and participated by Xperiment. Xperiment is helping Rumina to internationalize its solution and with its roll up strategy to grow Rumina´s solutions portfolio.

As the company has grown, it has continued to invest in product development and expand its solutions portfolio, adding new features such as milk monitoring and milk quality control. With a current team of +90 employees and a client base that has grown by 52% year over year, Rumina is well-positioned to continue its rapid expansion and make a significant impact on the global cattle industry.