Customer Relationship Management software for AGRetailers.


Xperiment invested in Silohub because we believe in the company’s innovative approach to providing a tailored CRM solution for AgRetailers. With its deep understanding of the complexities of the grain industry and a team with over 100 years of family history in the AgRetailer business, Silohub is well-positioned to help sales forces and management do more business. The Silohub’s plan to digitize potential transactions in the grain market and inputs in Latin America is addressing one of the largest markets.


CEO & Founder – Jose Bonansea.

About them

Jose has a passion for building solutions and more than 100 years family history with an AgRetailer business. He created Silohub the first industry specific CRM a tailored suit for AgRetailers. Jose and his team are empowering sales forces and management with better tools and software to do more business.

The Inside Story

Silohub was founded by Jose Bonansea, an Argentine entrepreneur with a passion for building solutions and over 100 years of family history in the agretailer business. Frustrated by the inefficiencies and outdated practices in the agricultural retail industry, Jose recognized the need for a tailored CRM solution specific to agretailers. He and his team set out to create Silohub, a cloud-based, commerce and engagement platform designed to improve relationships and streamline operations for ag-retailers and grain companies.

With the support of Xperiment, who led the pre-seed investment round and helped the team with ERP partnerships and the value proposition, Silohub was able to build their product and integrations. As they entered the market, they quickly established themselves as the solution for grain retailers in Latin America, focusing on their main markets in Brazil and Argentina where together they trade about 420 million tons, representing a potential 220 billion dollars of transactions to be digitized.

Through their platform, Silohub empowers sales forces and management with better tools and software to do more business, allowing them to digitize transactions and improve efficiency. The platform also promotes an omni-channel experience, with a focus on improving relationships between commercial teams and producers. In addition, Silohub also works as a distribution channel for other third-party apps, enabling them to offer a white-label SaaS solution to their clients.