Sima is a database of agricultural knowledge.


Xperiment invested in SIMA because of the company’s innovative approach to solving a crucial problem in the agricultural industry. SIMA’s software optimize the management of operations for farmers, which helps them to reduce costs and increase crop yields. The SIMA platform is based on an innovative way of using data and analytics in the field of precision agriculture, which is a growing market with a strong potential for returns on investment. Additionally, Xperiment recognized the SIMA team’s deep understanding of the industry, their technical capabilities and the traction they have gained with key partners and clients.


CEO & Co-Founder – Andres Yerkovich.

CSO & Co-Founder – Agustín Rocha.

CPO & Co-Founder – Gerónimo Oliva.

CMO & Co-Founder – Mauricio Varela.

CTO & Co-Founder – Pablo Etchanchu.

About them

SIMA is a platform to improve decision making in agriculture. We integrate internal and external data sources (such as satellite images, weather and data that our users upload) to build prediction algorithms that provide recommendations and alerts for different stakeholders in the sector.

The Inside Story

The story of SIMA begins with its founders, a group of engineers and agronomists who were passionate about using technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture. They recognized that one of the biggest challenges facing farmers was the lack of accurate, real-time data about their crops, which made it difficult to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and other critical aspects of crop management.

The team at SIMA set out to solve this problem by developing a platform that allows farm operators to collaborate, gather data about a variety of factors and support operations. They also developed a sophisticated algorithms that could analyze the data and generate actionable insights for farmers.

Xperiment was impressed with SIMA’s innovative solution, and they saw the potential for it to have a major impact on the industry at a time that farmers are adopting technologies to digitize their operations.

With the support of Xperiment, SIMA was able to secure the funding they needed to scale beyond 5 million of Hectares under management. They quickly began to gain traction with large farmers, who were thrilled to have access to such accurate, actionable data about their crops.

As SIMA grew, the company continued to innovate, adding new features and capabilities to their platform launching new products. They also expanded their reach beyond Argentina to other latin american countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and Mexico.

Today, SIMA is considered one of the leaders in the Agtech industry, and they continue to improve farmers´ lives by providing them with the tools they need to grow healthier, more productive crops.